Below Deck star Kate Chastain ‘booked for biting and choking her girlfriend’ in Florida

According to TMZ – the year-old reality star was booked Monday for a felony domestic violence charge of battery by strangulation after trying to kick her drunk girlfriend Rocio Hernandez out of their house. When Hernandez, known as Ro, refused, the yacht stewardess ‘bit her in the forearm, bicep and leg. Scroll down for video Shipwrecked: According to TMZ – the year-old reality star was trying to kick her drunk girlfriend Ro out of their house, and when she refused, the yacht stewardess ‘bit her in the forearm, bicep and leg’ ‘Sorry not sorry’: Melbourne Beach police officers also told the site Kate ‘put a knee on her head, choked her, and tried to stop her breathing’ ‘She’s amazing. I never, ever imagined myself dating a girl.

Below Deck: Are Kelley & Jennice Dating? Kat Held Flirts with Ben Robinson

You had a boyfriend back in New Zealand. How much temptation was there being so far away, while being around so many hot guys? The only guy on board that I clicked with was Kelley, who also happened to be my roommate.

Q&A: UCF grad, ‘hottie yachtee,’ stars in ‘Below Deck’ All aboard, UCF, the hottie yachtee has returned. Kate Chastain, the breakout star of Bravo TV’s reality show Below Deck is back for season three.

Email Poor Jennice and Kelley. It is marginally tough to watch at some points, but it is also the most believable drama that the finale offers up as the final charter comes to a close. But he has the right to not want to live together right off the bat when the season is over, and her pressuring him into looking for apartments for the both of them puts him in a position to hurt her feelings when he is obviously trying to avoid doing exactly that. Not that dating on what amounts to their inescapable floating office was a good idea in the first place by either party, but then being forced to make a decision on commitment or not before getting off the boat is a step further into crazy territory.

Give him space, Jennice! Until the end of the charter, most of the other crew stays out of the situation which is the smartest decision any crew member made for the whole hour. When a soon-to-be-heartbroken and technically homeless girl is continuously confronting an in-over-his-head deck hand the best thing to do is probably stay below deck and gossip about them.

In no way is this meant sarcastically. The latter choice will probably send someone overboard. Jennice and Kelley part ways mostly amicable once the charter is over, with Jennice proving that her maturity wins out over her feelings for Kelley. Once back in the real world she will definitely be on her feet in no time, and maybe these ocean bound love birds will connect again on a future yachting assignment.

Jennice: “I was Living a Lie”

Season 4 Episode Waking the Resting Bitch Face Kate’s patience grows increasingly thin with Emily and Sierra’s work ethic; Sierra and Kelley exchange heated words; Kelley acclimates to life onboard with a new senior deckhand; Lauren and Nico grow tired of Kate’s manipulative ways. Bemily Kelley suffers the repercussions of stranding Dean on a beach; Captain Lee makes a decision regarding the exterior team; Kate grows frustrated with Emily’s lack of attention to her job; Ben and Emily take their relationship to the next level.

Ahoy Peeps, Well here we are, and the time has flown by this season. It’s almost over. This episode and then the season finale. The time has just gone by so quickly, and this charter is one that I had high hopes for, but we’ll get into that later in the blog.

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He had a rocky first season on the show, but this time around he is determined to prove himself to Captain Lee and the rest of the crew. Take a look at our interview below as we discuss deckhands, his dating life, and Captian Lee. You came back for another season of Below Deck! What made you want to come back? I was disappointed in myself from the last season.

It was one of the best things that I could have done.

Young, single “yachties” live, love and work together tending to their wealthy and demanding guests – who have no idea what goes on Below Deck. Until now.

Bless its douchey little heart. Thank you for everyone who stood up for MisRed with that toolbag. I appreciate the love, really, I do. At the crew dinner, Bumpit and Kate got into a spat after Logan asked what the deal was with the Stews and their tension. Whoever dresses Logan should be beaten to death with a wire hanger Kate says she will never work with Bumpit again. Probably because Bumpit makes Kate look bad. But the next morning they are up and working. Kate and Ben talk in their room.

Below Deck’s Kelley Johnson on His Relationship With Jennice Ontiveros — Exclusive

Kelley Johnson ‘s fling with Jennice Ontiveros in Season 2 of Below Deck is one of the most memorable romances of the series so far. Unfortunately, it was not one that lasted. Though it was unclear what the future held for Kelley and Jennice by the end of the Season 2 finale, we could see that they were not together and not really on friendly terms during the reunion.

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What the hell is going on with this boat? Ben wows us with his professionalism because he needs to stay behind and prep for the charter guests arriving the next day, but then Kat wakes up from her nap and the two of them decide to celebrate Mardi Gras, masks and all. We heard the howling sounds — that was flipping hilarious. But it was her response that made me groan. She looks rode hard and put away wet. That was the seahorse. The new charter guests are repeats — the same lesbian named Beverly who brought all her girls on board for a trip last season.

That trip was supposed to have been for her sister who had just survived cancer, but a family emergency prevented her sister from coming so she brought her friends instead. It was the famous episode where Adrienne Gang let down her hair and partied with the guests, prompting her bitchy staff to label her a lesbian. Not that it matters. Since they were great guests last season, the captain and Ben and Kate are excited about them. They got you a stripper pole.

Below Deck: Are Kelley & Jennice Dating? Kat Held Flirts with Ben Robinson

Kissing is the most intimate act of affection a man can show. Since it is quite intricate and nuanced to be fitted into only one description, we have broken down the suggestions even further: If he moved his open lips up and down yours, and engaged you in some tongue. In a perfect world, people would use those three powerful words a lot more carefully.

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Micro-screentime never hurt anybody and it ain’t hurtin’ the boss. Kate Love that she’s trying to get the dirt on Kat and Amy’s past; love that she called the guests’ dog a home-schooled child; love that she barely engages with Ben’s bullshit except to be like, “I’m sick of your voice, byeeeeee. He avoids her, he moves into Eddie’s room, he shuts down her please-still-like-me whinging all “it’s all good, BYE,” and he takes a strip off her for talking about their situation to Kat.

Shouldn’t have gotten himself into this, probably, but he’s smart about getting himself out. Amy She drunks on to Kate about how her relationship with Kat has drastically changed, but gives no details, which is maddening to Kate AND me, and she gets all weepy that Kelley is bummed about Jennice, which is just kind of weird — but her classic delivery of the phrase “In the hierarchy of stains? Get over it x2, please.

As far as the jizz pillow, whether or not she was involved in introducing one to the other, she should have spotted the obvious proteins on said pillow and pulled it. Leaving aside the noisy Kat-scratch fever incident, he decides to do four courses which take forever, then gripes to Kate nonstop about how she’s running a shorthanded service and pissing off the guests, when it’s he who gave her no time to prepare, and she can’t pull Kat off her break because legally she has to get a certain amount of rest.

Jennice You know, she’s probably perfectly nice and fun and in five years she’ll look back at this foolishness herself and roll her eyes, but for right now: You don’t get to have it both ways; take the way you picked and get out of his face already, good grief. Twott Son, I get that crappy table service is frustrating, but the lady who’s paying for everything already spoke to the staff, is one thing.

Another thing is that the expression is not “ship up or ship out. HAVE a good night” is going to get you one thing, and that’s loogs in your Greek yogurt. You’re not cool enough to wear that rad anchor buttondown, so hand it over and swim home.

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Bravo Image 2 of 2 The cast of “Below Deck. The cast of “Below Deck. The series follows the adventures of the captain and his crew as they staff the Ohana, a foot mega luxury yacht touring the British Islands. The Saginaw native and Arthur Hill High School graduate said he never dreamed his career choices would lead him to a stint on the small screen.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Kat Held and Eddie Lucas return from last season, along with new crew members Kate Chastain, brother and sister duo Kelley and Amy Johnson, Jennice Ontiveros, and Andrew Sturby to make life aboard the “Ohana,” a 10 million dollar private, luxury yacht, an .

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The Below Deck Luxury Yacht is Available to Charter (Video)

Watch with hayu 1. There’s sea-worthy drama when Kelley and Jennice take their flirtation up a notch. Plus, tempers flare when the crew prepares for some southern guests.

But Below Deck guests aren’t stuck paying the entire thing. they usually get about a 50% discount. However, they are asked to tip at least % on the total cost of the charter (duh). However, they are asked to tip at least % on the total cost of the charter (duh).

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For the rest of my life, here with you, near with you.

Below Deck: There’s Already Tension Between the Deckhands? (Season 4, Episode 1)