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T – English – Chapters: Life as they know it for both G. Joe and the Dreadnoks is turned upside down when Zarana finds out she’s having Mainframe’s baby. T – English – Humor – Chapters: Lance gives a piece of advice on how to deal with the Brotherhood. K – English – Humor – Chapters: M – English – Sci-Fi – Chapters: Writer’s Workshop by ColdFusion reviews Piotr and Pyro talk about the similarities involved in their respective creative mediums. Do not enter if you wish to keep your innocence and childhood perceptions intact.

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The Battle of Bladespire. Kil’jaeden reaches out to him and grants him the power of fel magic in exchange for agreeing to help the Burning Legion manipulate the orcs against the draenei. Gul’dan accepts, becoming the first orcish warlock. Many orcs contract the plague at the Kosh’harg festival.

Toy Story 3 is a American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It is the third installment in Pixar’s Toy Story series, [2] and the sequel to ‘s Toy Story 2.

She pounds on the door wondering why Scarlett Sage isn’t answering. When Scarlett finally gets there, she tells Charlotte she was at cheerleader practice. Charlotte scoffs at the fact that Scarlett doesn’t even apologize, making her wait for almost an hour. When they finally start studying, Charlotte starts belittling Scarlett about the work. When Scarlett reveals that she’s actually not a spoiled little rich girl, they duke it out until they realize there’s more than meets the eye here.

Both girls come from broken homes and when they notice they have more in common than they think, they both realize they were in the wrong. They apologize to each other and embrace. When Charlotte finds out Scarlett’s single, she asks her if she’s ever been with a girl. When she proclaims that she’s not a lesbian, Charlotte clarifies that hooking up with a girl doesn’t automatically make you gay.

Seizing the moment, Charlotte plants a kiss right on Scarlett’s lips.

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Political Ignorance Judge Brett Kavanaugh. One of the most striking aspects of the debate over the sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is the extremely high correlation between what people think of the allegations and whether they believe Kavanaugh should be confirmed aside from them. Conservatives Republicans who like Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence tend to dismiss the accusations. Liberal Democrats who oppose Kavanaugh on jurisprudential grounds tend to think the accusations are true or at least highly likely to be so.

A similar pattern emerges when it comes to the issue of burden of proof, with conservatives often claiming that it rests on the accuser and that Kavanaugh is “innocent until proven guilty,” like a defendant in a criminal trial. Liberals, by contrast, tend to argue that the situation should be treated as more a “job interview” than a legal process, and it is up to Kavanaugh to prove that he is fit to be a Supreme Court justice.

Welcome to , the official site of Major League Baseball.

A History Of Dictionary. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. As a dictionary, we believe understanding the concept is vital to identifying misinformation in the wild, and ultimately curbing its impact. Here’s our full explanation on our choice for Word of the Year! It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture.

From our Word of the Year announcement: Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not. We must not let this continue to be the norm.

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Before the scientific era, people often made up imaginative stories to explain what they saw in the world. The scientific method changed that by requiring rigorous experimentation to test hypotheses and determine what is real. With the Theory of Evolution, people are back to making up imaginative stories.

The funny thing about the above two examples is that, while Artemis doesn’t know his secret identity, Robin knows who she really ‘s not trying to put her on the spot or get her to confess anything, he’s just being a Gadfly.; Artemis is panicking while Robin seems to be having the time of his life.

Yomi is both an honors student and an Academic Athlete , as her grades are consistently among the highest at the school usually placing second below Chiyo. She’s also the most sensible and levelheaded student in Yukari’s class, which is why she’s often the series’ straight man. Another example of the personality change, as her glasses fall off whenever she transforms into a white-haired psychotic catgirl.

Apparently she can only be either a Meganekko or a Neko at any given time. Her real name isn’t even mentioned until later into the series. She’s a polite and sweet, yet practical girl. The twist is that she starts wearing contacts later into the series, because it’s easier for her to read the cards when she starts playing Battle Spirits. But her friends continue calling her Meganeko, because it’s too weird for them otherwise.

Played more straight is Setsuko Kirishima, the tsundere student council president Berserk:

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Otherwise, think twice, or at least be honest with yourself if the innovation fails. Don’t break a rule just to break it. Everything in a short story should have a purpose, including its structure.

Hercules[ edit ] Hercules is the title character of the franchise. He is based on the mythological Heracles , best known under the Roman spelling Hercules. In the original movie, Josh Keaton voiced Hercules as a teenager, while Tate Donovan was the hero as an adult, and Roger Bart was Hercules’ singing voice in the song ” Go the Distance “. Donovan went on to voice the teenage Hercules in a derived animated series where the hero in training attended high school.

His appearance is top-heavy, muscular, and handsome, with orange hair and eyebrows and blue eyes. His teenage version wears a one-sleeved Greek tunic , while the adult version wears a Cuirass -like tank armor tunic with a blue cape the television series has teenage Hercules wearing this armor during hero missions. In the original movie, instead of the demigod hero son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene , Hercules was actually born on Mount Olympus with all the powers of a god, and his parents were Zeus and Hera the King and Queen of all the gods, thus making him a god prince , who has been re-imagined as a loving mother instead of a spiteful stepmother.

However, one god is upset about the new arrival: Hercules’ evil uncle Hades who wants to take control of Olympus and the world along with all of creation, and discovers Hercules can foil his plans as an adult.

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I recently spent a few Saturdays searching the net looking at literally hundreds of sites. I finally came across one that seemed to have hope. I decided to give it a thorough appraisal and report back on my findings. I can say with great conviction that Anastasia Dating is the biggest scam on the planet.

Storybooth is a storytelling platform where you tell the stories on our website or mobile app and submit them. We listen to them, If we choose yours, we may produce it, animate it and share it with the world.

The character of Slinky Dog appeared to be in limbo after the death of his original voice actor Jim Varney on February 10, , three months after Toy Story 2 was released. Varney was replaced by Blake Clark. After Clark was cast to play Slinky Dog, the producers realized that Clark and Varney had coincidentally been close friends since they appeared in the film Fast Food , making the transition a lot easier. It was originally going to start production in and was set for a theatrical release in One of the rejected ideas for Circle 7’s version of the film was a script by Teacher’s Pet screenplay writers Bill Steinkellner and Cheri Steinkellner.

This version involved Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys being sent to Andy’s grandmother’s attic following Andy’s Mom getting rid of some of Andy’s toys, due to Andy growing older. Woody and the gang would find other toys that had been stolen, in a whodunit-style mystery. It focused on Andy’s Mom shipping a malfunctioning Buzz to Taiwan , where he was built, with the other toys believing he will be fixed there.

While searching on the Internet, the other toys find out that many more Buzz Lightyear toys are malfunctioning around the world and the company has issued a massive recall. At the same time, Buzz meets other toys from around the world that were once loved, but have now been recalled. Stanton then wrote a treatment.