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Hi Jet, thanks for your comment! Reply to this comment I was in tears reading your comment because everything you spout out is the gods honest truth. I have buried my past so far and really thought I could handle it but 6 yrs later I have forced to reconcile with it and deal with it. You hammered every nail on this one. Thanks for your comment. Reply to this comment In regards to all the comments proclaiming cause for choosing to strip , prevalence of psychological damage as a consequence, or any other generalized idea about stripping, you should be aware that opinion and personal experiences cannot be used as logical premises to any kind of intellectual argument. Just like any other empirical study about human behavior in the field of psychology, a Biopsychosocial approach is needed by mental health professionals to analyze any assumptions or correlations between factors to support any significance of statistical averages or causal inferences. Cultural diversity, as well as the social differences observed between the four quadrants of the U. Again, refer to the above comment.

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Work environment[ edit ] Strippers perform striptease for a number of reasons, predominantly to make money. The physical attractiveness and sex appeal of the dancer determines the business she tends to generate. There are no job prerequisites; formal training is minimal, primarily on the job and provided by more senior dancers. Dancers learn a set of rules, such as: As long as she can “sell” herself, she is capable of becoming an exotic dancer.

By the s, the pole dancing and highly-explicit imagery associated with today’s performers was widely accepted and frequently portrayed in film, television, and theater.

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The word is a combination of telegram and striptease. This type of entertainment became popular in the ‘s in the US and spread to the UK and Europe during the ‘s. Exact dates are difficult to ascertain however, as there does not appear to have been any major research carried out on the subject. Typically a Strippergrams is most often a form of gift given for a birthday, anniversary or bachelor party.

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This is my story: Let me introduce myself. My name is Vanessa Vogue. I would like to share my life story with you. I was born on January 10, and yes this makes me a Capricorn. I was born to the first name of Trent. The son of a Baptist minister, I grew up in a Christian home. I have wonderful parents and two great sisters, and am very thankful for the love they have shown me.

Ever since I was a little boy everyone would say how pretty of a girl I was. I remember that my mother was so quick to correct people and tell them I was her son and not a girl. Thinking back to the first years of realizing that I was different takes me back to kindergarten days. I was very confused about this, and remember going home and telling my mother. She of course tried to comfort me in the way a mother does and I let the situation go.

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Well, yes — of course it can. And strippers — or exotic dancers — are extremely sexual women. Play your cards right, and you can experience just how intense these women can be when it comes to pleasing a man. A very small, skilled group of guys who see strip clubs as a pick up joint. We are extremely attracted to the visual nature of a woman.

Tell her you’ve dated an “Exotic Dancer” before. Want to show her that you understand her world and her lifestyle? The quickest way to do this is to tell her you’ve dated an Exotic Dancer in the past.

Male exotic dancers talk about their lives by Blair Mishleau The recently released movie Magic Mike has shed new light onto stripping, mostly showing off Channing Tatum’s and friend’s main assets and what life outside of the industry looks like. Missing from the movie, though, is the gay-dancing scene: Add the fact that gay dancers can date, and there’s a new level of complexity Magic Mike couldn’t have dreamt of. He requested his last name not be used. I’d say that many of them have experienced homosexual sex for themselves and decided they didn’t prefer it [although they probably won’t readily admit to it].

At the end of the day you’ll have to trust the dancer’s word: Claiming to be straight or gay can get you further depending on the club you’re working. According to Seth Fornea, who only works gay bars, gay dancers can make out better. For Jared and Fornea, who are in a relationship, what could be a huge difficulty has been a non-issue.

Stripper sparks fury among Aboriginals after YouTube exotic dance on sacred Ayers Rock

When I asked him if he sees any difference in approaching Japanese women or Western women, he answered: The difference is that you MUST approach them. And if a Japanese woman approaches you as a gaijin, just run as fast as you can! Be prepared for a lot of disappointment.

It also just so happens that I’ve supported myself in the past by working as an exotic dancer (or “pole jockey”, whichever you prefer). As a result, I feel like I have a very unique view of sex and relationships based on my experiences.

Miss Alizee Sery stripped down and put on an exotic show for a friend with a video camera on the top of the rock – which the Aborigines call Uluru – and posted it on YouTube. The video shows her climbing the red sandstone monolith in conventional dress and then stripping at the top to a white bikini, white high-heeled boots and a bushman’s hat.

French dancer Alizee Sery has angered Australian Aboriginals after performing an exotic dance on the top of Ayers Rock The incident has caused outrage among Australia’s Aboriginal people as they believe the rock is ‘sacred territory’. Aborigines have asked tourists not to even climb the 1, ft high rock because of its significance, but many visitors still clamber up a steep path to the top. Aborigine John Scrutton, who lives in the Northern Territory city of Darwin, described people who show no respect to the rock as ‘evil’.

What Miss Sery had done, he said, was the equivalent of someone defecating on the steps of the Vatican. But Miss Sery, 25, insisted she did not intend to upset anyone by performing her exotic dance, which saw her flinging her stripper’s clothes off with gay abandon. In fact she claims her actions were a ‘tribute’ to Aborigine people.

Ayers Rock, which is World-Heritage listed, is considered sacred by the Aboriginal people ‘My project is a tribute to the greatness of the rock. What we need to remember is that traditionally, the Aboriginal people were living naked. So stripping down was a return to what it was like. You want to sing, dance – and strip. It has featured in many real-life dramas in recent times – baby Azaria Chamberlain disappeared from the shadow of the rock in , her parents claiming a dingo had taken the child from their tent, while Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees climbed to the top in in the days before he vanished in the outback.

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Share 48 shares What he found was Canadian-born, Disney and Lord Of The Rings fan Megan, 21, who made things instantly awkward by rattling off pop culture references. Throughout the date, she regularly quoted events from the J. R Tolkien fantasy series, drawing parallels between the story and her date with Dayle. When Canadian-born Megan was paired-up with emotionally attuned coffee roaster Dayle, it certainly seemed like love at first sight Megan and Dayle quickly bonded over their love for true love, but her decision to dip into her bank of impressions failed to connect with her date.

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Novel in progress Stripper blogs worth a tip Writing about your profession can be incredibly cathartic and rewarding, and I am really enjoying writing this blog on my experiences and thoughts as a stripper in London. Check out my favourite posts page or the popular stripclub stereotypes series – catty but true! I’ve also written lots of How to But there are many other lapdancing blogs I’ve put a few blogs up in the ‘blogs I love’ sidebar, but as I’m always reading the web for new posts and blogs on stripping, stripclubs and anything sex worker related, I thought I would write a few positive thoughts on the blogs that I enjoy.

Please use the comments space below to alert me to any I might have missed They have a live stage show set in a shower! The men wear cowboy hats! Customers tip the girls on stage! Her blog is beautifully set out and easy to navigate, and has some really, really funny and painfully true observations. Tips for Strippers http: I’d agree with a lot of what it has to say, but it doesn’t go into really explicit detail on sales techniques as it acts as a promoting vehicle for stripper sales books.

I’ve actually bought the Jessica Simmonds ebook and found that it made a lot of sense, but was probably better for beginners or should be used in conjunction with other sales, confidence and NLP books before it really impacts on my earnings.

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