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A retro-spective on Corning’s space-age glass ceramic material, Pyroceram cookware. Fin Lid Era from – The first “Act” involved the embossed bottom pieces from Generation 1 from The second Act encompasses the blurry blue ink generation Gen 2 produced from thru This generation also includes a new percolator design, but more on that later. Let’s go all the way back to the beginning You see, Corning was unsure how well their cookware would be received by the American housewife, so they made a limited number of pieces for the initial release in the fall of to test the waters With only 4 pieces, it was pretty easy to keep track of what was what, so no model numbers were really needed at this point. Corning Ware ended up being such a hot seller that, by Christmas, retailers were screaming for more. All these 1st Generation pieces, percolators aside, had an embossed stamp on the bottom stating either “Corning Ware” with a volume measurement or, in the case of the skillets, width in inches while others simply had “Corning Pyroceram” embossed on the bottom with no other identifying marks other than mold numbers for QC purposes.

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Verde Pyrex Ware, image from catalogue. Verde Pyrex Ware, image from catalogue. Pyrex Ovenware & Flameware Use & Care Dating Pyrex / PYREX WOULD BE AMAZING TO COLLET! EVEN WHEN I WAS SMALL AND WOULD HELP WITH DISHES, I’D ALWAYS TURN OVER THE BOWL AND THERE’D BE THE FAMOUS “PYREX STAMP!”.

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An eBay search for Fire King Glass will produce thousands of results for this popular glassware. Fire King dinnerware, bakeware, and other dishware was often given as a premium in bags of flour or given away at gas stations. It could be purchased at grocery stores, dime stores and hardware stores.

Pyrex patterns fall into three general categories: standard, limited, and non-standard (aka promotional). And it can sometimes be confusing as to which category a particular pattern belongs. Standard patterns are those whose collections were typically comprised of a full range of dishes and bowls, and were marketed for two or more years.

Dating Pyrex Flameware Dating Pyrex Flameware Estimating the age of Pyrex opal glass kitchenware can most often be done by observing a few basic characteristics. While colors and styles of decoration. Welcome to the Pyrex Love Pattern Reference. You are currently viewing ALL Pyrex patterns. If this is your first time here, please read the sidebar at right for tips. Products 1 – 10 of 52 – Classic Kitchens And More: In , Pyrex introduced Flameware. It was called Flameware to indicate that it could stand up to being used on top of the stove, over flame.

For about 10 years,. He redesigned the Pyrex ovenware and Flameware. Information for The Vintage Pyrex Glass.

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Don’t let it get away – place another bid. You’ve been outbid by an automatic bid placed earlier by another bidder. You’re the highest bidder on this item! You’re the first bidder on this item! You’re the highest bidder on this item, but you’re close to being outbid. This auction is almost over and you’re currently the high bidder.

The problem seems to be that the more recently-made Pyrex glass (distributed by World Kitchen) and it’s main competitor brand of cookware (manufactured by Anchor Hocking) are now made of a soda-lime glass instead of BOROSILICATE glass which was the original PYREX formula and which much more resistant to sudden temperature changes.

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Pyrex and Jadeite and Hoosiers – Oh My! Hello all and many apologies for being slightly MIA as of late. As a college student my semester is beginning to come to a close bringing with it many fun finals and term projects. Trust me when I say I would much prefer thrifting and blogging to this alternative In fact right now I am stuck on campus, coffee in hand waiting for my next class – a perfect opportunity to play catch up. The upside to this arrangement is the amazingly quick upload of photos.

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The War Against Pyrex February 16, Chances are, somewhere in your kitchen, you have a version of the measuring cup pictured above — if not multiples. For decades, Pyrex was made of borosilicate glass, a special type of glass in which boron oxide is added to the mix. The added boron allows Pyrex to handle heat much better than typical glass, so Pyrex is commonly found in kitchens, laboratories, and in use with aquarium heaters as the heaters are, necessarily, submerged in much cooler water.

World Kitchen decided to stop the manufacture of borosilicate glass, and since then, Pyrex sold in the United States is made of tempered soda-lime glass, which does not handle heat as well as borosilicate glass does. It may, however, be more resilient to drops. In most cases that does not matter much, as tempered soda-lime glass is still pretty good at withstanding thermal shocks.

Test tubes in chemistry labs are still made of borosilicate glass to avoid this very problem. Even the restaurant and food services industries can use the newer version of Pyrex without much concern. But one industry was struck very hard by the switch: It turns out that turning cocaine into crack requires bringing the solution of water and powdered cocaine to a very high temperature and then rapidly cooling it.

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Locke, the son of a telegrapher, was born in Honeoye Falls, NY in While working as a telegrapher for the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad in Canandaigua in , he became interested in ways to improve the small glass insulators supporting the telegraph wires. One night during a heavy rain he was blamed for sleeping on the job after repeated attempts to reach him failed.

He was convinced the electric current was leaking over the wet surface of the insulator making the line inoperable. He began experimenting with insulator designs to reduce electrical losses across the surface of insulators. In , he installed the first electric lights in Victor, NY using a steam-powered generator he designed.

This was the forerunnerof the famous Pyrex brand glasses which have since found their way into thousands of industries in such di- verse form as glass piping, laboratory ware, and ex-ray tubes, and into millions of homes as Pyrex Ovenware and Flameware cooking utensils.

Recent Thrift Finds Hello friends! I thought I’d do a quick post on some of my recent thrift finds. I’ve been having pretty good luck lately. And it seems like I have more time to shop than to blog about it, so I’ll try not to overload you with stuff even though my house is bursting at the seams while I get it all ready for my Etsy store and my booth! First off are these printed pitchers. I mentioned before that I collect printed glassware , and am always on the lookout for the pitchers that go to the sets.

Seems like they are always hard to find! So I was stoked to find the one on the right, especially, because it matches a set of glasses I have, and I have been looking for this one a long time. The little ball pitcher on the left has a funny story to go with it. It was so cute, I couldn’t leave it behind at the thrift I actually took it up to the register and paid for it, and then the ladies running the counter forgot to put it in my bag.

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Pyrex Flameware by Leonette A. Walls, Ed. D. Flameware by Pyrex by Coming Glass Works of Corning, New York is a line of range top kitchenware that often is overlooked. Recently, more items are being seen at shows and malls, creating a new area of collector interest.

I have been unable to find one like it on line. I am unsure of the type of birds. I believe this is vintage, as it was bought at an estate sale where the son said his father had it for a number of years. Any help would be appreciated. Sand hill cranes fly over our house every morning and evening; they look very similar. You could always go the the Artisan House website and try to find the piece. I’ve got this vintage lipstick and the cap has a red enamel A with wings.

Anyone know what this stands for? Posting on collectibles board too just in case: This necklace is absolutely gorgeous, but I know nothing about it. I would like to put it on auction. There is a piece that looks as if it is marked, but I cannot make it out even with a magnifier. The red marquise are paste set, there are clear baguettes and prong set round clear stones. I have a few pics.


Pyrex Glass Liquid Measuring Cup 2-cup This Pyrex measuring pitcher for liquid ingredients is to measuring what the wooden spoon is to stirring: Made of Corning’s thick, oven-proof glass, this archetypal measuring cup is hard to break, easy to clean, and its large, bright blue markings are a cinch to read. I still own several Pyrex measuring cups dating back to the ‘s. Let me tell you why I like it. Description This Pyrex measuring cup has a pour spout and a wide curved molded handle. One side of the measuring cup has measurements in US increments and the other side is in metric.

Bielsko-Biala, Poland; Machida, Japan; Izumo, Japan; San Jose, United States; Blida, Algeria.

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Dating a girl. % Free Online Dating in Essex, MD: We’re % free for everything,. Find great deals on eBay for Pyrex Flameware in Pyrex Glassware. 18 08 – The Pyrex FLAMEWARE brand percolator has beverage cup markings for measuring. Put water into the percolator bowl below the “9”on side of.

Zodiac about the pattern reference This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. For further clarifications check for Pyrex on Ebay. You can now view various subsets of the listed pyrex patterns. There are links with bullet points near the top of the page to facilitate this. We will be adding more of this functionality as time permits.

You can click through into the sub-pages of each pattern for more information IF a sub-page exists for it. In order to save space, we may not list every single pattern variation for different item types on these pages. We’ll try to list multiple pictures of a particular pattern only if they are considerably different on items i. A pattern marked as “Unknown” may be completely unknown. Sometimes pieces are known to be “Promotional” but do not have any official name, so we or others have given it a name.